Other Members

Gil-Ad , Irit
Felsenshtein Institue - Campus Rabin. Sackler School of medicine
Phone at work: 03-9376275
Fax: 03-9211478

Research area:
Neuropharmacology, Psychopharmacology, Neurotransmitters, Neurohormones

Current Research Topics:
Neuronal Tissue Cultures. Cell Cycle. Apoptosis, Growth factors in the brain. Neuroactive drugs and behavior. Molecular Neurobiology.

Methods and Techniques:
Cell viability and proliferation. Cell death - Apoptosis. RIA. ELISA. Behavioral models in animals.

Samuel, David
Prof. Emeritus, Neurobiology Dept., Weizmann Institute of Science
Phone at TAU:
Fax: 03-6416371

Research area:
Neurochemistry. Psychopharmacology. Animal behaviour.

Current Research Topics:
Aspects of memory research. Non invasive methods of brain research. Neural membrane plasticity. Drug delivery. Stress and the immune system.

Simon, Ely
Laboratory of Motor Control Department of Neurology
Phone at TAU: 03-6974914
Fax: 03-6974911
E-mail: elysimon@post.tau.ac.il

Research area:
Tremor analysis. Human motor control. Systems neurophysiology.

Methods and Techniques:
Triaxial accelerometry. Electromyography. Frequency- and time-domain analysis.