Members of the Faculty of Humanities

Ariel, Mira
Dept. of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities
Phone at TAU: 03-6408819
Fax: 03-5221044

Research area:
Linguistic pragmatics.

Current Research Topics:
The grammer-pragmatics interface, including neurological processes distinguishing between grammer and pragmatics.

Methods and Techniques:
Priming in lexical accessing of words carrying semantic, linguistic, pragmatic and nonlinguistic meanings.

Kasher, Asa
Phone at TAU: 03-6409425
Fax: 03-6407953

Research area:
Philosophy of language, pragmatics.

Current Research Topics:
Representation of pragmatics in the brain (in coop. with cognitive psychologists, neuro-scienticts, neurologists and speech therapists).

Methods and Techniques:
Theoretical and cognitive psychological tests.